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Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
as they host the cleveland browns. linda so is here with reaction, as what many are calling an early chris man fan. >> those replacement refs would have been on the field tonight had the nfl not reached this tentative agreement. you remember what happened monday night when things came to a boiling point. the replacement refs were under fire for that questionable call that gave the sea hawks the win over the green bay packers. it was after that missed call that the two sides got serious about negotiations. for weeks now, coaches, players and fans have been frustrated with the officiating by the replacement refs. it gives the real refs better pay, pension and benefit packages for football fans and for the ravens fans, it couldn't have come sooner. >> embarrassing to the nfl, just disgrace, makes the game cheap but happy to be back to normal. the new refs are going to make the head calls but they've been out of practice. >> the real refs will be back on the field at m and t bank when the ravens host the browns. they will be officiating all of sunday's game. >>> an apology from a patriots fan that
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
. witness say back in june the officer chased down christopher brown and pinned him to the ground. the 17-year-old died from asphyxiation and the officer charged with manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. tonight's event runs from 5 to 9. it is happening on liberty road at an i-hop. >>> a former lacrosse player convict of killing yeardley's love intends to appeal the sentence. he was found guilty of second degree murder and grand larceny in the may 2010 death of his ex- girlfriend. no word on the ground for which he plans to file the appeal. >>> tonight there will be a mosquito spraying in catonsville in an effort to fight west nile virus. most people show no symptoms with it and they might have mild flu-like systems. in some cases it's deadly. the department of agriculture says people in the area should stay inside during the spraying and it will take place after 7:30 tonight. as long as the weather is not too rany. >> not a good night at the yard last night. o's shut out by the blue jays 4- 0. as the season winds down the potential of a wild card game experts are warning about the
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
to have you back. where have you been? the nfl refs return and their first assignment ravens/browns right here from m and t bank stadium. >>> we certainly have a lot to talk about on this friday morning, the o's play tonight. that is going to be a big issue. lynette charles will let you know about the weather. as far as this morning, lauren cook is busy with the roads because rain is a factor. >>reporter: yes, rain and fog, we're dealing with several accidents unfortunately. hopefully thin will clear up. >> we have been so related all this week, basically. >>reporter: we've been working hard. >> exactly. we're going to do it once again this morning. we have the rain out there riek lauren said. patchy fog a big deal. as all of you head out the door, make sure you take the rain gear with you. also the possibility of a shower or two, megan, as we go later in the afternoon. >> lovely. >> let's talk about that. let's get down to business right now because maryland's most powerful radar is picking up on some moderate rainfall now around lake shore, so around anne arundel anne arundel county,
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
the browns. >> you have to love baltimore. you have to love baltimore and there's nothing like our stadium. you know, we have been in a lot of stadiums and they are great in their own right but there's nothing like our stadium. there ano better one. there's nothing. it's better than every other stadium i've been in. our fans are so loyal and so behind their team. >> coach harbaugh says the team continues to be behind tory smith and his family. smith's younger brother died less than 24 hours before sunday night's game. he was killed in a motorcycle accident. but smith went onto play an incredible game. harbaugh says smith plans on being back with the team today. >>> such a devastating loss for smith but one patriots fan who goes by the twitter name katy brady 12 decided to joke about the passing of smith's brother on twitter. she made calous remarks so insensitive and degusting we won't repeat them. fans this morning are outraged and ray rice tweeted her back and he said "you are terrible. i hope you know the word karma. she made her twitter account private and many online articles right no
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4